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God Honouring Obedience
Jeremiah 35:1-19
Preached by Rhodri Brady on 9th June 2019 (Sunday Evening).
Dealing with the Hellenists’ Complaint
Acts 6:1-7
Preached by Andrew Love on 26th May 2019 (Sunday Evening).
Counted Righteous
Romans 4:23-25
Preached by John Hall on 19th May 2019 (Sunday Evening).
Becoming a Christian
Philemon 1:1-25
Preached by Mostyn Roberts on 12th May 2019 (Sunday Evening).
Heaven, Our Glorious Hope
Revelation 21:1
Preached by Bruce Powell on 5th May 2019 (Sunday Evening).
Our Abundant Access
Hebrews 10:19-25
Preached by Evan Richards on 28th April 2019 (Sunday Evening).
Pilgrims on the Narrow Way
Matthew 7:13-14
Preached by Chris Boyes on 21st April 2019 (Sunday Evening).
Guarding the Heart
Proverbs 4:20-27
Preached by Steve Palmer on 14th April 2019 (Sunday Evening).
The Father’s Calling and the Son’s Recieving
John 6:37
Preached by Robert Oliver on 7th April 2019 (Sunday Evening).
God’s Abundant Provision
Romans 8:32
Preached by Derek French on 31st March 2019 (Sunday Evening).